November 28 – December 4, 2009

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Was The Carter 3 An Elaborate Joke?

A year and a half after it’s release, the success of Lil’ Wayne’s The Carter 3 is starting to come under scrutiny.Was  it the complete package for Weezy or for the industry.

“It had nothing to do with the album itself…it had everything to do with all of the features and mixtapes he was doing in the years prior to it.” – Gumz

“Wayne and his camp did enough campaigning for FIVE albums. when the day came it didnt even matter if he was just talking for 10 songs, all the work had been done to the point people were ready to buy it no matter what!” – Von Pea


The Dream Cries About Not Getting Album of the year Nomination

The Dream gets pissed about the Grammy’s not nominating his Love vs. Money album for Album of the Year. Even some of his Lesson defenders are shaking their head at this.

“I know clearly MY ALBUM BLONG there period.” – The Dream

“So songs he writes get Grammy’s, but songs he writes and sings don’t… he doesn’t see it?” – FortifiedLive


I feel some kinda way about gays protesting Buju and Sizzla

Interesting discussion around the continued protests by gay rights activists against dancehall artists that have refused to back down on their anti-gay stances.

“The same night after I met with them (gay associates), they pepper-sprayed the concert. So what are you trying to tell me?” – Buju Banton

“To have an immoral belief, means you’ve not reasoned it out and that refusal to think is an act of cowardice in itself.” – The Damaja

“Someone needs to speak up about homophobia where ever it exists. How else can we be rid of it?” – SoWhat


Marvin Gaye – In Our Lifetime?

Showing the power of the classics, a Lessonhead prepping to purchase Marvin Gaye’s In Our Lifetime? for the first time after being moved by “Funk Me” opened up discussion.

“He was transitioning into ‘Uncle Marvin’ mode which hew was using in full on Midnight Love.” – Dr. Claw

“Whenever Marvin was channeling somebody he would go all out and yeah he was high as the goodyear blimp, but the jams on here are stank.” – mistermaxxx08

“Motown decided to remix it and add “Far Cry” which was an incomplete song and omit “Ego Trippin Out.”  The original version of the album is on the deluxe edition along with the Love Man Sessions. Marvin’s version of the album is a lot looser and moodier than what was released.” – A Sizzle


NME – Top 50 of the last decade

Well it looks like Pitchfork may have some competition as the Lesson’s most hated music publication after New Music Express put up their top 50 albums of the last decade.

“It’s a rock mag. They ought to just make a 50 Best Rock Albums list. Putting on two hip hop records is just odd and disrespectful.” – Wrongthink

“Its been so odd that kings of leon and the black keys have been getting the shit end of the stick!” – astralblak

“I lost interest when i saw In Rainbows was so much higher than Kid A.” –


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Were there any new genres created this decade?

A Lessonhead wondered whether we witnessed the birth of any genre’s in the 2000’s, which of course led to discussion of what actually defines a new genre.

“By its nature, it’s impossible to imagine what a new kind of music would sound like.  But on the other hand, there will always be new creation due to artistry, culture & technology.” – Okaybowler

“IMO thats the way music is going right now, subgenres. That connections are being found between any and everything existing, such as the case of nintendo music and hardcore or indie rock and afro beat.” – Zuma1986

“Why does music have to be groundbreaking [sic]? Why isn’t the evolution of the many pre-existing musical styles enough?” – Small Pro


Your Dream Record

The Lesson took to fantasizing about dream album collaborations.  Artists and A&R’s take note.

“Earth, Wind and Fire produced by BLAZE.” – disco dj

“A Jill Scott album produced entirely by 4Hero (or Jazzanova)” – briwil25

“Coultrain & Andre 3000 on some best of both worlds type ish.” – Eddietauf

“Slick Rick produced by Madlib” – dustin

“T-Pain produced / written by Stevie Wonder” – weirdscience


Let’s talk about the job of Biggest Band In The World

A Lessonhead ponders why  the title “Biggest Band In The World” has historically been limited to British rock bands?  Are there no American bands that qualify?

“Sadly Green Day are the US’s top contender for the title these days.” – Bombastic

“If Guns N Roses could’ve kept their shit together for just TWO MORE YEARS, though, they woulda made it, because U2 slipped something major in the U.S. with the Popmart tour.” – Invisiblist

“Red Hot Chilli Peppers blew it on two separate occasions.” – Villain


R&B – Funk Songs where the drummer killed it

The underrated prowess of the drummers in R&B and funk get their due respect in this list post.

“Flying High – The Commodores” – disco dj

“I Want To Be Free – Ohio Players” – Booty Green

“Michael Bland on Prince’s Shhh” – go mack

“In Time – Sly & The Family Stone” – So What

“Bernard Purdie on Aretha’s Rock Steady” – Ally Al 2003


Congratulations to The Foreign Exchange on the Grammy Nomination

After 10 years The Lesson finally performed an official coup of the music industry when a group born in The Lesson, received a Grammy nomination for their song “Daybreak.”

“From our humble beginnings on these here boards early ’02, via an INCREDIBLE year of Leaving It All Behind, to 2010 that will see us put the spotlight on several of our family members through our new imprint, The Foreign Exchange Music… it truly is an incredible privilege to be a part of this collective.” – Nicolay


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I don’t want to hear anyone call Rihanna an R&B Singer

With the release of her latest effort Rated R, there was much discussion in The Lesson about whether or not she (still?) qualifies as an R&B singer.

“Its bad enough to call her an R&B singer, but once you spell out the abbreveation, its even worse.” – Funkymusic

“I like her as a package, a concept, a canvas, but humanity has never heard such notes from human vocal chords.” – cheap skeiht killa

“Before Jerry Wexler coined the term ‘Rhythm & Blues’ the R&B charts were called the ‘race music’ charts. So it really never meant anything other than pop music made by blacks.” – bski

“She ruins one of the biggest dubstep tunes of the year on the Madhouse intro.” – SMDtheMC

“This album from a songwriting, production and mixing standpoint is FANTASTIC. I NEVER thought I’d be saying that but it really is put together well. The background vocal production is tight…lots of risks.” – MFAKTR


So I was in a rap battle today

A Lessonhead shared a recent encounter during a rap battle. What starts out as a discussion about possible racism falls apart as the ‘cheesy’ details are revealed.

“The real question here is what the fuck were you doing and where the fuck were you to be in a rap battle where the judges are a white girl and a 10 year old white kid with an AC/DC shirt on?” – Anonymous

“This wasn’t a Fight-Klub-I’m-gonna-destroy-this-guy type of shit. I know him from work. We was at the Cheesecake Factory and both of our friends knew we rapped for fun so they coaxed us into battling.” – Riyadh

“This will enter The Lesson’s lexicon.” – Mr. Wednesday

“When someone corny says something about okp not understanding the streets or being in touch with the hood, a simple CHEESECAKE FACTORY response is merited.” – Guinness


Jay Electronica vs Lupe Fiasco I & II

What started out as a typical Lesson poll of who’s the better rapper, turned into a proposal for a real battle eliciting a response from one of the parties involved.

“Google some of those references [Jay Electronica] makes in [Exhibit C] and come back and tell us that shit isn’t fuckin fire” – Amritsar

“Exhibit C was incredible, but if that impressed you, Hurt Me Soul should blow you away” – bills

“In an era where the main stars of this genre of music put out so much music that they get over saturated,and make it hard for their fanbase to really appreciate their music,because they are half assing it on more than half of the music….it’s quite refreshing to hear an mc who takes his time,puts seemingly 100 percent effort into every verse written.” – HotepSuns365

“Battle Jay Elect? Who has the foolhardy audacity to utter this? I look at him like a high minded brother from another and when we finally encounter with dual flows overdosed on over-the-counter’s its gone be like Mulder meets the Mothership…” – FNF UP UP AND AWAY

Part I | Part II

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The Ocarina of Rhyme

DJ Khalil – Chinatown Wars Beat Tape

RJD2 ft Kenna “Games You can Win”

Lupe Fiasco – Enemy of the State Mixtape

Flying Lotus x Lil Wayne

Daru Jones – Spirit & Soul Sampler

Serial Killaz (Xzibit, B-Real & Young De) “Body Bags”

Lil Wayne “On Fire”

Lyle Horowitz – Auteur

Freddie Gibbs – The Labels Tryin to Kill Me!

Buff1 – It’s A 1derful Life

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